Marketing Option Assessment - Advertorials in Newspapers

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advertorials are nothing but paid articles written about your restaurant/product/service in a newspaper. Normal newspaper readers will feel that your business has been featured by the newspaper in an article. In almost all cases, a small footnote is included stating that this is a paid advertorial, but since the footnote is not highly visible, this will look like an unbiased article written by a reporter.

Advertorials are not cheap but will typically cost you less than an ad of the same size, plus give a semblance of an article to the reader. If you are a fine-dining/unique concept restaurant business, you should explore this. The good thing is that the pricing for this is negotiable to a large extent and you can push your way for getting some great value. In my humble opinion, The Times of India seems to aggressively support advertorials, more than others.

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