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Posted by fshsfhsfh on Monday, November 28, 2011

I recently received an email question - am posting the question and my response as it may benefit a large section of readers:

Email Question: 
Myself and my wife are planning to start a fresh fruit juice centers in and around Bangalore & Mysore..Since you are into restaurant business, can you please throw some light on this area? Need some ideas on locations and general people buying behaviour for fruit juices etc. Also if you can help me in sharing few ideas regarding the finance part too, so that first time entrepreneurs like us would be grateful.


Do check my post on Juice Junction - I do believe they have got their basics right.

You need a high footfall location - ideally a small unit in a busy pedestrian road, better still - a corner building in that area. You can check the kind of areas Juice Junctions are located. That will give you a great sense of the kind of places that this business will work in. 

This is also a very price sensitive business - again check the Juice Junction pricing. There are folks who have tried more expensive variants in fancy locations / malls - e.g. Booster Juice, Acidic in Bangalore. My assessment is that they are not doing well as a business. In Bangalore, Juice Junction is the benchmark. Ganesha Juice Center is a lower cost variant of Juice Junction. 

For first time entrepreneurs, getting financing / loans is difficult, unless you have some collateral - e.g. property. So you will have to arrange for your own financing

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