Ammi's Biryani gets INR 40 Cr funding from SAIF Partners

Posted by fshsfhsfh on Monday, August 6, 2012

SAIF Partners has just announed a INR 40 Cr investment in Bangalore's Quick Service Food brand "Ammi's Biryani". Ammi's redefined the Biryani space in Bangalore with aggressive and exceptionally well executed marketing and branding - large scale bill-board and road median boards advertising, call centre for customer orders, well designed & attractive store-fronts and of course a great name for their Biryani brand - Ammi's Biryani. Their highly convenient, attractive and hygienic packaging is still their main draw. While critics may still question their business model (central kitchen with simple sales kiosks and delivery), this investment will give a further boost in their arm to expand and build on their brand.

To me Ammi's represents a new breed of startup restaurant brands in India which want to create a brand of global quality and one that can stand right next to the McDonald's and Pizza Huts. The capital investment, operational expenses and the effort that has probably gone into their concept design, central kitchen, experimental stores, overall branding and marketing is significant. It is great to see investors backing such efforts. All the best Ammi's.

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It is indeed a good investment.

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